Raboukh company confirmed its readiness to build and develop very well relations with our customers by introduce the best and high quality service.

Our customers will find everything he wants for his work and his trucks through:

-Qualify, modern and full equipped workshop.
-Highest and most quality standards to produce re manufactured components equivalent to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

- manufacturing of sieve crusher in high quality and accuracy .

- highly qualified maintenance ,welding ,  isolating and cleaning   for  petroleum tanks in petrol refineries

- specialized in repairing the petrol pipes in high technology with high experienced engineers

- technical training and inspections under the experience of specialized engineers
-Engineers with extensive experience and high ability.
-Experienced technicians (15-30) Years.
-Qualify administrators and accountants.
-24 hours aftermarket service and repaid of road.
-Full 12 months warranty.

Our Vision :

Precision, Quality, High performance , Full Commitments towards our selves and our Clients through:

- Following the seintific,morden and high technology methods in the work.
- Full commitments to the constructions, measurements and the recommendations of the manufacturers.
- Using Original spare parts.
- Testing and inspection every part of the engine separately and the complete engine after assembly, also the same actions done for the sub assemblies individually, all the testing and inspections procedures accomplished by specialize technicians.
- All tests, works , inspections accomplished in test benches , devises and modern equipments by well trained and specialized technicians.
- All implemented works, procedures and process should be documented including the spare parts,measurements test results, the workers, the dates,…est..
- The complete works delivers to the clients with all necessary documents and sheet tests.
- Feed back notes and suggestions to be considered.